Why Become a Dorn Method Therapist?

The personal satisfaction gained from helping others must be one of the greatest reasons to learn Dorn, however there are plenty more. If you're a Complementary Therapist adding Dorn can add great value to your services, but here are some other great reasons to learn The Dorn Method.

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Learn an Extremely Valuable Skill

Back pain is very common, in fact it's probably the single most cause of time missed away from work affecting people of all ages, it can be very painful and debilitating.

Therefore doesn't it make sense to have the knowledge and skills which could make a difference to a persons life?

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Earn Valuable CPD Points

Attending an approved Dorn Method course can earn you CPD points. These approved Dorn Method Workshops/Courses are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) .

This means Therapists attending one of these approved workshops can gain valuable CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points, and of course The Dorn Method is also covered by Insurance.



Dorn is relatively easy and inexpensive to learn without long courses

The Dorn Method is probably one of the easiest to learn therapies focusing on Back and Joint care you'll find, making it ideal for all Complementary Therapists, especially those who are cost conscious or limited for time. Workshops generally take place over a two or three day period with further practice days to help build proficiency.


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Dorn is growing world wide and across the UK

The Dorn Method has been growing successfully in Germany for nearly 40 years; now it is also growing all over the world with courses being held in Australia, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, The Philippines and of course the UK. In Germany, there are now thousands of Dorn Therapists and some of these also include medical professionals such as Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, etc. There are also many seminars and conventions that now take place every year - a sign of things to come here in the UK.



Improving your Reputation and Career prospects

Learning Dorn will give you a valuable skill that could enhance your career prospects, and if you practise Dorn regularly so you become more proficient this can only help your reputation and develop your business. As a Complementary Therapist it can be difficult to bring in new clients through word-of-mouth recommendation, however we believe offering Dorn can help.



Dorn has an excellent reputation

The growth of Dorn in Germany, in the UK and around the world is due to increasing public awareness and its growing reputation. There are of course many testimonials from clients detailing successful outcomes after Dorn therapy. Many Complementary Therapists who have added Dorn to their skill set have also recommended it to their fellow colleagues after experiencing their own successes. It's reputation has thus far also found Dorn being demonstrated on public TV in Australia and it has also appeared on live radio in the UK.


Dorn is a very safe and gentle therapy

Applied correctly, The Dorn Method is a very safe and gentle therapy, and in fact there are no known reports of any injuries to Clients in it's nearly 40 year history. One common issue many people who need Back pain therapy have is the fear or dislike of the 'clicking' and 'crunching' of joints or vertebrae associated with other treatments, this is something not associated with Dorn therapy.

During Dorn therapy simple corrections are made with the Client working together with the Therapist to help joints and vertebrae slip gently back into place without resistance, clicking or 'crunching'; this muscle 'distraction' technique is part of why Dorn is so successful.


Dorn Method Self Help

Help People to help themselves

Dorn doesn't just focus on actual therapy, it is also a true self-help method where you can teach your Clients simple exercises to help keep themselves in shape after the initial therapy. Dorn is a combination of three parts which together provide a maintenance and preventative joint care system designed to look after our bodies over the long term. Clients who come for for therapy can be shown a range of simple excercises to take away with them, and which aim to help them stay in shape thereafter.

Dorn Method Self Help

Excellent Income Potential

Business for a Complementary Therapist can be tough, often because many therapies such as Indian Head Massage or Reflexology may be viewed as 'treats', or just not properly understood.

However when people are in pain, such as with Back Pain, there is more of an urgent need to have it sorted out; and because nearly everyone will suffer some form of Back or Joint pain at some point in their lives, it can be seen that there will always be a demand for someone who can help people with their pain. Being able to offer The Dorn Method could really help to generate more business and therefore increase long term income potential.



It's a great time to learn Dorn

Although The Dorn Method has been used successfully for nearly 40 years in Germany, it is relatively new here to the UK. To put it into perspective, there are 60 million people in the UK, and only a few hundred Dorn Method practitioners at this time. This offers enormous opportunity for new Dorn Therapists to establish themselves and build a reputation in their area where they live, free from too much competition. There really has never been a better time than right now to learn and begin practising Dorn.

Ok, I'm interested, so what's my next step to becoming a Dorn Method Therapist?

Learning Dorn usually involves a single weekend workshop, then off to master your new skills with follow on practise days and competency reviews. Advanced workshops are also being held which offer students the chance to gain more knowledge including additional theory. If you don't fancy a trip over to Germany where Dorn originates, Dorn Method Workshops based across the UK can be found here.

Disclaimer: The DMTA does not guarantee the effectiveness of Dorn Method treatment in any individual case nor does it accept any liability whatsoever for DMTA Members or Authorised Dorn Method Instructors whether or not failing to conform to the DMTA Practice Agreement and Code of Ethics & Conduct